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In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022 By Charles Stanley || The Source of Wisdom

In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022

In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022
In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022 By Charles Stanley, Tuesday Message

Read Charles Stanley In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022 and be blessed

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TOPIC: The Source of Wisdom

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 3:13-26

In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022 MESSAGE

Would you rather have riches or wisdom? The Lord considers wisdom much more precious than wealth, and today’s passage says nothing we desire compares to it (Prov. 3:15). The reason it’s so valuable is because this passage is talking about God’s wisdom, not man’s.

The Lord created wisdom, so the best way to gain it is to know Him—His character, works, ways, and perspective. When we make it the pursuit of our life to know Him through His Word, we’ll discover the blessings that accompany wisdom.

The primary blessing is knowing God more intimately. As we see Him in His Word, we’ll begin to understand His viewpoint and recognize how He’s working in our life. Then our response to life’s circumstances will be aligned with His viewpoint. The Lord sees everything with complete accuracy, and every decision of His is right. He knows exactly what is needed to accomplish His will in our life and to conform us to His Son’s image.

All the other blessings of wisdom flow out of knowing God. Why? Because when our confidence is in the Lord instead of our own understanding, we can walk securely and boldly without stumbling into sin.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalms 132-138

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: When we seek the Lord’s wisdom in His Word, a harvest of blessing follows.

In Touch Daily Devotions 5 July 2022 By Dr. Charles Stanley. He is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta and founder of In Touch Ministries, both located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Stanley’s heart’s desire is to get the gospel to “as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible, as irresistibly as possible, through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God

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