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David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 12 July 2022 || The Battle of Wills

David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 12 July 2022
David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 12 July 2022 For Tuesday | Turning Point Message By Dr. David Jeremiah 

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TOPIC: The Battle of Wills

SCRIPTURE: Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Matthew 6:10


David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 12 July 2022 MESSAGE

Every parent experiences the battle of wills: the parent’s will against the child’s will—especially when children are very young and discover the amazing concept called choice. But the battle of wills doesn’t take place only during childhood. It is a human battle: between equals, between authorities and subordinates, and between mankind and God. Indeed, the first skirmish in the battle of wills took place in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had to choose God’s will or theirs. Sadly, they chose their will instead of God’s.

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray that God’s will would be done “on earth as it is in heaven,” He was saying to pray for God’s Kingdom to come using different words. God’s Kingdom is the realm in which God rules. When God’s will is done on earth, His Kingdom has precedence. So the best way to establish God’s rule on earth is to obey God’s will. His rule and His will are the same.

God’s will is always done in heaven. It is done on earth when we submit our will to Him—as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:42).

You are a sinner by birth, by nature, by practice and by choice.
John Blanchard

READ-THRU-THE-BIBLE: Ecclesiastes 9 – 12

David Jeremiah Daily Devotional 12 July 2022 for Tuesday Message. Turning Point God was founded in 1982 as the broadcast ministry of Dr. David Jeremiah to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. 

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