Redemption Daily Devotional 3 July 2021 – Identifying Fruit Bearing Brethren

Redemption Daily Devotional 3 July 2021

Redemption Daily Devotional 3 July 2021 Message for Today

Topic: Identifying Fruit Bearing Brethren

Scripture: Prov.20:11;  Matt. 7:15-21; John 15:1-8; Acts 11:26.

Key Verse:” Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their FRUITS. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles ?  – Matt. 7:15-16.

The story of the barren fig tree in Matt.21:17-20 was neither a parable nor a framed up work (fiction). It was a real life occurrence. Peter remarked on their return journey the reality of the curse on the fruitless fig tree. Mark 11:20-21.

In the  same way this fig tree could easily be identified by reason of not bearing fruits, we can also easily identify a fruit bearing tree and hence fruit bearing Christians through;

  • Character And Not Just Charism
  • Treasure And Not Just Talent
CHARACTER AND NOT JUST CHARISMA: Acts 11:26; Rom. 6:1-6; Gal.2:18-20; 1 Pet.4:2

The life of Paul the Apostle presents a perfect match of a transformed Christian from a blood stained background of a rough, dreadful and terrorist life for which he once laid down his life sacrificially for Satan but now with zeal, zest and vigour ready to die for the Christ whose course he now champions. The worth of character is discipline. Which comes through genuine  transformation that affects every facet of an individual’s existence. This includes the way he talks, dresses, behaves ,reasons etc. it is a total reformation and transformation accomplished through the blood and saving grace of Jesus.

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As good as Charisma ( a compelling attractiveness that can charm or inspire others) is, it cannot in any way be used to compliment character. Does your life represent Christ? Has there been a physical destruction of your former lifestyle? Can you vividly point out aspects of your life that have changed as a result of your Christianity? This is more than tongue talking and number of years spent in the church. Your character is the fruit people see and make of you.

TREASURE AND NOT JUST YOUR TALENT: Exo.19:5-6; Ps.135:4; Isa.33:6; Matt.12:35-37; 2 Cor. 4:1-7

Treasure is regarded as a fruit bearing Christian of rare Christlike qualities whose activities in the church contributes immensely to the growth and prosperity of God’s work. Not a liability but a revered asset. He is often engaged in gladly doing the work and will of God without strings attached. They are talented but grow in Grace beyond the level of just marketing their talents to travailing and toiling for the progress of the kingdom. They are sold out and ready to defend the course of the Gospel at anytime and cost. You may not be talented in singing but you have in you a treasure that can compel sinners out there to come and drink from the throne of the master.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us 2Cor. 4:7. Do you have this fruit?

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Redemption Daily Devotional 3 July 2021 – Identifying Fruit Bearing Brethren was written By Redemption Ministries Worldwide, Church of the FirstBorn

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