Daily Prayer for Today 17th November 2022

Prophetic Prayer Points for Today

Daily Prayer for Today

Prophetic Prayer Points for Today
Prophetic Prayer Points for Today

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Pray theses prayers with faith and make a  decree prophetically and it shall come pass. Declare now;

  • Every death scheduled for you or your loved ones in this season in cancelled!
  • Every pit where they have kept you – pit of barrenness, poverty, affliction, etc. you are coming out!
  • Affliction shall not rise up a second time! What killed your loved ones shall not kill you!
  • Before this week is out, your job is in your hands!
  • Every spirit of impersonation diverting and distracting your destiny is leaving you now!
  • Everything that tied you down, today, you are loosed and set free!
  • Everything lacking in your life is now restored!
  • Whatever my Father in Heaven has not planted is being roasted out of your life!
  • Everything the devil has used to enslave your destiny, today, that slavery is over!
  • Every altar of your community that will not let you be, today they are set on fire!
  • Whatever they said you will not achieve, I stand here by the apostolic and prophetic mantle of God and I declare you shall achieve it!
More Prayer Points below;
  • Everything the devil has locked in your life is unlocked right now!
  • Every arrow from hell fired at you is returned back to hell!
  • As your days are, so your strength shall be! Your strength shall increase with your years!
  • Every stranger occupying your body, I command it to get out NOW!
  • Everyone appointed unto death in your family, that appointment is cancelled!
  • May the Lord lay His Hands upon you and deliver you from every trouble!

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