MFM Daily Devotional 10 October 2021 –Thyatira: The Corrupt Church (2)

MFM Daily Devotional 10 October 2021

MFM Daily Devotional 10 October 2021 Sunday Mountain Top Life Devotional By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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Topic: Thyatira The Corrupt Church (2)

Fire Scripture: Rev. 2:18 – 29

Memory verse: 1 Cor. 15: 33 – Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

MFM Daily Devotional 10 October 2021 Outline

As stated yesterday, the Church of Thyatira was the smallest of the seven churches of Asia and yet received the longest letter. This showed the seriousness of their problems. As he did with this church, God is warning us to repent and come back to Him. We have people in the church these days who do not think twice before committing immorality. May God help and deliver us from such people.

The church in Thyatira was a wonderful church as far as fellowship was concerned. There was so much love and care that everything looked fine. However, underneath, there was danger. This happens in many churches today. Just as we talk of congregations with problems, we also have individuals with problems. In the church, they appear as angels, but deep within them, they are devil incarnate. You can never deceive Jesus Christ. If you are not ready to follow Jesus all the way, do not follow Him at all.

Stop pretending! Back to the church at Thyatira, we must reject all such persons who put their own words above biblical revelation and standards, “Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge: (1 Cor. 14:29) and who claim that God accepts immoral behavior and lifestyles among professing Christians. Some in the church show an openness to tolerate such beliefs and teaching because they excuse their own questionable behaviour and compromise with the world’s evil pleasure.

Others will overlook this type of sin because of spiritual apathy, personal friendships or the fear of confrontation. Beloved, God takes it seriously when anyone, most especially a professing believer, causes believers to sin by influencing them to do things that violate their own conscience or to engage in behaviours largely identified with ungodly practices.

Therefore, in order to guard yourself against these less obvious but destructive influences, you must regularly check and examine yourself by asking: Has my ministry fruitfulness or success caused me to rationalise questionable behaviour or to overlook personal or church-wide sin? Let’s repent and come back to God, the Truth.

Motivational Quote
You cannot be eating at the devil’s table and still want to be a guest at God’s banqueting table.

Prophetic Word
The corrupting influences of the end time shall not swallow you up, in the name of Jesus.

HYMN: Breathe on me, Breath of God

1. Breathe on me, Breath of God,
Fill me with life anew,
That I may love what Thou dost love,
And do what Thou wouldst do

2. Breathe on me, Breath of God,
Until my heart is pure,
Until my will is one with Thine,
To do and to endure.

3. Breathe on me, Breath of God,
Till I am wholly Thine,
Till all this earthly part of me
Glows with Thy fire divine.

4. Breathe on me, Breath of God,
So shall I never die,
But live with Thee the perfect life of Thine eternity


1. O Lord, by Your power, create in me a new heart, in the name of Jesus.
2. O Lord, renew a right spirit within me, in the name of Jesus.
3. O Lord, burst the bubble of my self-confidence, in the name of Jesus.

4. Every evil thought in me, die, in the name of Jesus.
5. O Lord, let me be a godly and honest Christian, in the name of Jesus.
6. Jesus, visit me in Your graciousness, in the name of Jesus.
7. Lord, touch my life, in the name of Jesus.

Matthew 8:14-34, Mark 4-5

MFM Daily Devotional 10 October 2021 for Sunday Message. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) is a Pentecostal denomination founded in Yaba, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria in 1989, now with churches in several countries. It was founded by Daniel Kolawole Olukoya.

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