In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022 | Servant Joseph

 In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022
In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022 By Dr. Charles Stanley, Monday Message

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TOPIC: Servant Joseph

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Genesis 37:1-17

In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022 MESSAGE

Joseph is one of my favorite Bible characters. I mention him often because there’s so much to learn from his life. Today’s passage is a good example, as it reveals two of his traits that we should emulate.

1. He demonstrated a servant spirit early in life. Genesis 37 describes the things that took place when Joseph was around 17 years old. In every exchange, the young man embodied respect and discipline; he never rebelled against those in authority over him. In fact, he continually went out of his way to serve others.

2. Joseph realized God was controlling his life. How else can you explain his relentless pursuit of excellence in every trial? No matter what happened to him, Joseph always remembered the divine visions he’d been given in his teen years (Gen. 37:1-6). He believed there was a plan for his life and felt convinced that somehow, sometime, God would reveal what it was.

Whether you are 17 or 77, the lessons of Joseph’s life are valuable. It is never too late to learn the art of service or to recognize that God’s plan is perfect. What’s more, it’s never too late to help someone else discover these things.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Ezekiel 7-9

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: While we are faithfully serving God in difficult situations, He is preparing us for our future.

In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022 By Dr. Charles Stanley. He is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta and founder of In Touch Ministries, both located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Stanley’s heart’s desire is to get the gospel to “as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible, as irresistibly as possible, through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God. In Touch Daily Devotional 29th August 2022

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