Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022 | Thursday

Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022
Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022 | Thursday Prayers | A Prayer for a Confident Heart

Thursday Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022

SCRIPTURE: “He will not fear bad news; his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord.” – Psalm 112:7 (CSB)

Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022 | MESSAGE

There are times when you and I must answer a phone call, open an envelope, or encounter a headline from a breaking news story that leaves us holding our breath. In these moments, fear feels powerful until we remember that we have an All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Present God. If you struggle with doubt and worry, you are not the only one. While this range of emotion is very real for many of us today, thankfully, it doesn’t have to define us—or our circumstances. Thanks be to God, we don’t have to dread bad news when we are tethered to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Psalm 112 reminds us that we can trust that the Lord will care for us in every situation. Child of God, we can hold our heads up high as we live out our days in God’s Truth and His blessed assurance. He is our confidence, and therefore, we can face our fears with a confident heart. We can live daily with a confident heart because, in Christ, we have confident hope.

This hope is not just wishful thinking but an actual trait that you and I share as a Child of God. This psalm reminds us that traits like joy, blessing, hope, and goodness belong to the family of God. In Christ, we have the promise that light shines in the darkness for us, and we will not be overcome by evil (Psalm 112:4-6). Therefore, we don’t have to live strangled by our what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. We can seek refuge in the Fearless One and rest in God’s care. Oh, how the enemy hopes we will forget this and succumb to his traps of worry and panic instead! Jesus, remind me to fully trust you in the face of my fears and foes today.

We were never meant to carry a trembling burden of trepidation. Instead, the Lord calls us to a different kind of fear. Instead of bowing and surrendering our hearts to timidity, worry, or anxiety, we are called to fully submit to the awe and reverence of God instead. A confident heart begins with the awe of God and rests daily in His power and presence. When we trust and obey what God’s Word says, we will experience the blessing of His joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. As Psalm 112:1 says, “Hallelujah! Happy is the person who fears the Lord, taking great delight in his commands.” The next time you find yourself making a mental list of “what-ifs,” try listing the character of the Lord instead.

Praise has an amazing way of freeing us from our earthly fears by reminding us that Jesus has already conquered our every concern. Processing news through the lens of God’s Truth allows us to stay anchored to His Promises. When I fear danger, I can remember that Jesus is my Protector. When I fear future needs, I can remember that Jesus is my Shepherd. When I fear sadness, I can remember that Jesus is my Comforter. When I fear hard choices, I can remember that Jesus is my Wisdom. When I fear sickness, I can remember that Jesus is my Great Physician. When I fear devastation, I can remember that Jesus is making all things new. How wonderful to be reminded that there is not a single piece of news, good or bad, that has ever taken God by surprise. Jesus, may I lay my fears at Your feet today. My every answer is met in You.

Daily Prayer for Today 20 October 2022 | Thursday Prayer Below;

Let’s pray now for a confident heart over fear today:

Father God, You alone know what this day may hold, and I put my trust in You to care for me no matter what. Anchored to Christ, I will not fear the news of today or that of tomorrow. Because Jesus has already conquered sin and death on the cross, I will stand and face my fears with a confident heart. Help me, Lord. Moment by moment, remind me to trust You. Fill me with Your joy and teach me how to walk daily with my head held high, clinging to Your promises. Grow in me a confident heart today as I surrender all worry and fear to the cross.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

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