Daily Gospel Reflections 20 May 2022 | Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Daily Gospel Reflections
Daily Gospel Reflections 20 May 2022 | Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Catholic Daily Reflections 20 May 2022, Friday Gospel

May 20, 2022
Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter
Readings for Today

TOPIC: You Are Chosen

GOSPEL REFLECTIONS: “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain.” John 15:16

Daily Gospel Reflections 20 May 2022 MESSAGE

Children love to play games. When a game is organized between two teams, kids will often line up and wait to be chosen. Each child hopes to be chosen first. It is affirming to be wanted for the team. When a child is chosen last this can be difficult and hurtful.

This reveals the desire within each of us to belong and to be wanted. The good news is that God does choose each one of us. He wants us as a member of His family and He wants us to belong to Him. This is essential to understand and, when it is understood, it is very affirming.

It is a good spiritual practice to regularly reflect upon the fact that God chose us even before we were born. He knew us from all eternity and set His eyes upon us, longing to bring us into His fold. We need to understand this, accept it and believe it. We do belong.

God not only chooses us to belong to Him, He also chooses us for His mission. He wants to use us to go and bear fruit for His Kingdom. He wants to use us for a sacred purpose and a divine calling. Being a member of His “team” means that our lives have purpose and meaning. No matter how “unqualified” we may feel at times to make a difference, we must remember that God does not see us that way. Rather, He sees the infinite potential within each of us and chooses to use that potential for the building up of His Kingdom.

Reflect, this day, on two short phrases: “I have chosen you” and “Go and bear fruit.” Accepting your call from God will change your life and will also change the lives of those whom you are called to serve.

My welcoming Lord, I know You have chosen me. I accept Your call in my life. I accept the fact that You have appointed me to fulfill Your mission in a unique and glorious way. Help me to continually say “Yes” to Your call. Jesus, I trust in You.

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