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Bible Verse of the Day 28 September 2022 | Mark 8:36

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Bible Verse of the Day 28 September 2022
Bible Verse of the Day 28th September 2022 | Wednesday Bible Reading | Mark 8:36 | Choose Wisely

Bible Verse of the Day 28 September 2022 | Wednesday

TODAY’S VERSE: What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Mark 8:36

Bible Verse of the Day 28 September 2022 MESSAGE

Astronaut Chris Ferguson made a difficult decision as the commander of the flight crew scheduled for a journey to the International Space Station. But that decision didn’t have anything to do with the mechanics of flight or the safety of his fellow astronauts. Instead, it pertained to what he considers his most important work: his family. Ferguson opted to keep his feet planted firmly on Earth so he could be present for his daughter’s wedding.

We all face difficult decisions at times—decisions that cause us to evaluate what matters most to us in life, because one option comes at the expense of the other. Jesus aimed to communicate this truth to His disciples and a crowd of onlookers regarding life’s most important decision—to follow Him. To be a disciple, He said, would require them to “deny themselves” in order to walk with Him (Mark 8:34). They might have been tempted to spare themselves the sacrifices required of following Christ and instead seek their own desires, but He reminded them it would come at the price of that which matters much more.

We’re often tempted to pursue things that seem of great value, yet they distract us from following Jesus. Let’s ask God to guide us in the choices we face each day so we’ll choose wisely and honor Him.

PRAYER: Jesus, I want to walk with You. Please help me to recognize and choose the paths that will foster a deeper connection to You.

Bible Verse of the Day 28 September 2022 Devotion written by Kirsten Holmberg, is a speaker, author, and coach based in the Pacific Northwest. She speaks regularly at business, church, and community events, encouraging others to step closer to Jesus and better know His love for them through the Scriptures. When she’s not immersed in studying the Bible or crafting a message of her own, Kirsten enjoys helping others learn to communicate effectively as a public speaking coach and trainer. Find her online at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@kirholmberg).